Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Permanent Buck

I've wanted this for a long time now, so after finding the right artist I went for it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quick Workout Update

Some stats as of today:

Height: 5'10
Weight: 166
Body Fat: 7.2%

Squats: 365- 2 Reps
Dumbell Incline Press: 5 reps with 85's
Tricep dips: 14 with hanging 45 plate

Max HR: 223
Resting HR: 43


A-Zone Archery Opener Buck

Wow, what a hunt! Began the morning by immediately spotting nice bucks way up high at daylight, including an awesome 140 class 4x4. Possibly the biggest 4x4 Blacktail I've seen on the hoof. Since no roads had been fixed following the winter damage, I loaded up my pack with 2 days worth of gear and made the 4 mile ascent into the honey hole. As soon as I got up there a few hours later I located a nice 20" 3x3 with eyeguards and a smaller 3x3 that I had glassed up in the spotting scope hours earlier. I closed to 32 yards as they fed on an oak tree below me, but having that big boy on my mind kept me from taking a shot.

I moved on the look for the 4x4. I never could turn him up by noon, so I decided to lay low in the oaks where I could glass and possibly ambush bucks moving through during the day. I ended up napping on and off in that spot 6 hours, and in that time I had 4 bucks and 2 hogs come through within 20 yards all on separate occasions. It's amazing how oblivious they become to you when your there first just laying on the ground! I could easily have whacked all of them, but the nicest buck was a 15" 3x2... who ended up bedding down 60 yards away for most of the day. It was awesome to just lay and watch him throughout the day and see how he reacted to noises and other animals. I took a pic of him through my binos (see below). 6:30 rolled around and I decided it was time to traipse around a bit since I could see bucks up and feeding in the distance. I slowly (very) moved out to the point where I'd last seen the big bucks.

Napping/ Glassing Spot

As I moved along a trail and rounded the corner, I spotted 2 sets of horns above the grass right on the edge of a buckeye/oak filled draw. They were just 18 yards away! One was a 4x3, the other a tall narrow 3x3. I said aww, screw it I'll shoot the 4x3 if given the chance. Just when I nocked my arrow something spooked them, and I don't even think it was me, but they ran into the trees and circled downhill. As luck would have it the 4x3 decided to stop in the only opening in there to have a look around. No time to range at this point. I drew back, took one step to my left, guess 55 yards, and smoked him. He bolted down the steep hill for about 40 yards before running out of gas and laying in a bed where I watched him to the head bob for about 5 minutes before calling it quits. By now it was close to 8pm so I had about an hour of light to take pics, quarter him out, and load up my pack. I got the whole buck and all my gear out in one load, but it was about midnight by the time I got back to my truck.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Bow This Year

A-zone archery season is just around the corner, and I cannot wait to put my new bow to work. I took a turkey with it this spring just after sighting in. Come July 14th, it will be time for some real hunting.

Bowtech Destroyer 350 Black Ops
Spot Hogg Right On
Ripcord Code Red
Easton Axis N-Fused Nano's
G5 T3's

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nevada Here We Come Again

Results just came out and we drew again. Hopefully the weather isn't so hot! Despite the temp being in the 80s during the day, we managed to find and kill these two bucks in NV last season:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Soon To Come: Nikon ED 50 vs Minox MD 50

I have a Nikon ED 50... and my good friend Ben recently got the Minox MD 50.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a side by side comparison/ review.

Stay tuned, I will try to have it done and up by tomorrow afternoon!

2012 Nevada and Utah Draw Results Just around the Corner

I applied for deer and antelope, and according to the very questionable yet somewhat possible way of backdoor checking this year, it looks like I have drawn something. We will know by tomorrow afternoon at the very latest.

Check here:

Also, official Utah results should be up tomorrow. Credit cards have been being charged by Utah since last Friday.

Check here: